IV Treatments for Parties and Events

IV treatment parties and events are a quickly effective and efficient way to guarantee that your party guests go into the night and the next day with a proper dose of vitamins and nutrients. Contact Rejuvenate IV Bar in order to ensure that your next event is one to remember. Call us at (469) 473-2314

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are nights that you’ll never forget. Make sure that you make it even more interesting by booking a private IV party with our vitamin therapy system.

Post-Hangover Parties

Waking up the morning after a night on the town can be difficult and draining. One of the focuses of IV treatments in Dallas is to make sure that your body maintains a healthy and necessary level of hydration when you need it most.

Athletic Events

It is incredibly crucial that athletes maintain a healthy level of hydration at all times. IV parties provide athletes with one of the most efficient methods of hydration and vitamin infusion


Corporate Team Building

IV parties are a relatively new trend and offer an experience that co-workers can share with one another. Hydration therapy can also ensure that your mind is clear and prepared for the next day when you are all back in the office.


Post-Travel Relief

Traveling long distances can be draining, both mentally and physically. Treating yourself and your fellow companions to a Rejuvenate IV party in order to recover will leave you feeling spectacular.



Make sure that attendees at your next concert have a unique experience with an IV party while enjoying the show. They will thank you for it at the end of the night.

We offer custom drips and offer a wellness environment to give everyone the best experience possible.

Get in touch with the Rejuvenate team now and make sure that attendees at your next event stay well-hydrated. Schedule a group session and receive a 25% discount on all drips! Call us at (469) 473-2314 for more details on pricing.